How to Stop The Hiccups

OH NO! If you have the hiccups so bad that you ended up here, you're in the right place! This site is dedicated to providing all available options for curing the hiccups. They are ordered by popularity, so your best bet is to start at the top. Vote the the ones that work by liking, tweeting or plus-oneing. If you have a hiccup cure that's not listed here, please feel free to add it to the site. Thanks for visiting and we hope his resource helps you!

Breathe into a paper bag

Grab a small paper bag. Not a plastic bag, and not a huge paper grocery sack, but the kind of paper bag you'd carry a lunch in to school. Now, breath in and out of it for a while. The paper bag is porous enough that you won't suffocate yourself, but it will constrict the flow of oxygen to your brain enough to trick the diaphragm into operating normally. If this doesn't work within a minute, take a few breaths of normal air and try again, or move on to another method.